Conversation Cards For Connection

Conversation Cards For Connection


Feeling lonely and disconnected from loved ones? Know you’re holding back and struggling to share the real YOU, but don’t know what to do about it?

You’re needing connection, my friend. Simply put, connection is created when you share yourself with others.

Not sure how to connect? Well, thats where these cards come in.

Here is how they work:

Step One: Put your device down. 

Step Two: Pick a card.

Step Three: Share and connect.

Yes, this really is that easy. 

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Each deck contains 49 conversation starters allowing you to share yourself while having engaging conversations.

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  • Use them on your dates to create ease with conversation;

  • Play the question game at family dinners, special occasions, birthdays, and holiday gatherings;

  • Reconnect with your partner by sharing your answers over a candlelit dinner.

Don’t wait! Pick up a set of your own today!

**$1 of every deck sold is donated to Beautiful Minds Wellness**