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let's be honest...

it takes money to fulfill your dreams. And if you’re not talking about money in your relationship, you are leaving your future to chance instead of leveraging the beautiful power of your partnership.

Money challenges are the number one cause of relationship breakdown, yet most couples ignore this truth. They carry on simply hoping things will just work out. Unfortunately, hope is not a financial strategy. And even worse, relying on hope alone robs us of communicating and working together to create a thriving relationship and the financial foundation you need to make your dreams come true.

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For this reason Jeanne Gallagher, financial advisor extraordinaire, and Staci Bartley, relationship expert, have teamed up to create a workshop that is sure to give you both the financial understanding of how money works and the skills you need to share your true thoughts and feelings about money with your partner.

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Reserve your spot now: we only have room for 10 couples!


With the tools we provide you in this workshop, you will finally have the strategies and skills necessary to create and live a thriving future relationally and financially. Yahoo!

If you are ready to discover how to work together to resolve money conflicts and create a financially empowered future, this workshop is for you!

Join us for this 3-part workshop series to learn and practice how to:

  • Communicate about money issues with clarity and calmness.
  • Ask for what you truly want for your financial future in a way that works.
  • Build a mutual sense of financial security and confidence.
  • Find agreement on common financial goals.
  • Budget to ensure your goals are achieved.
  • Save money and the basics of getting your money to work for you.